Stubling around in my usual semi-awake stupor at the start of my day, I go to slice a bagel in half with a butter knife. Applying force as required to the handle and the bagel I proceed to slice it in half, almost all the way to the end. However, the last few milimeters of the bagel slipped by like butter and I soon found the knife wedged in my left hand. Ow. "What a great start to my day" I think, as I search for something to staunch the blood and chuck the now supiciously pliant bagel into the toaster. "I wonder what else the day has in store for me?"

As I run through sheets of toilet paper stained a beautiful red, I finish getting ready and manage to make a sandwich of something else besides blood. I go outside, clear 4 inches of snow of my valiant steed, and proceed to start on the slippery roads to work. As I reach work, panic strikes me. I seem to have forgotten my ID somewhere. Searching through my pockets, I hear a strange crackle and pop. Out of my left jacket pocket comes 4 pieces of my ID that was once whole. To my chagrin, an ID in 4 pieces doesn't operate the magstripe reader. Luckily, someone came upon me who had a key, and let me into the parking lot. "Well, that sucked. I wonder how the hell I'm going to get to the 6th floor with my busted ID card?"

So, I try my luck again at the elevator, and manage to ride it up to the 5th floor because someone called it, and stubled up the stairs to my little desk on the 6th. "At least I'm in the office now. Things won't deteriorate much here."

Luckily for me they didn't. Although in restrospect, it's not wise to tempt fate like that. I kept to myself, and completed the random things that required my eclectic expertise, and continued working on the various projects that I've gone on about at length.