Another day, another dollar, or so they say. Of course, now days, you're not doing to hot if your only getting a dollar a day. $365.25/year isn't going to cut it any more.

On to more pressing matters, loads of people called me today, as it looks like GM is having issues with one of their computers hard drives. I'm planning on going there in about an hour to deal with it. (Lucky me). Once again, I'm in my wierd 12 hours of sleep, 20 hours of awake mode, which I really don't understand, but hey, whatever. I finished with most of the NMR spectra on felix, there were a couple that were slightly tweaked, and Z will have to take a look at

Beyond that, I continued doing work on my reference system, and it now goes from a pubmed id to a full blown reference. I need to get the journal tie in working, as it's not finished yet, but that won't take too long. Next step is to get the full-text and pdf uploads working with my proxy. That will be a couple of days worth of work.

Well, hopefully I'll get some sleep later on today. We'll see about that.